Is this record worth a spin? Should I buy it? Will it add to or detract
from my credibility? Should I care?
I wish someone could break it down for me.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Fastest- Theme

An album of childlike wonder and mental anguish all rolled into one. Not really sure what to make of this, kind of like a cross between Daniel Johnston and a Harmony Korine movie.  Fastest is Tobin Konrad, a middle-aged guy from San Francisco, or Redondo Beach, who relies on programmed drum tracks and 80's synth notes made from a Yamaha keyboard. The San Francisco record shop Aquarius Records first reported on Fastest music when several CD-Rs were anonymously dropped off on their doorstep. The CD-Rs already had bar codes and an ASCAP logo laser-printed on them, apparently Konrad is very prepared to have his music licensed for sampling and soundtracks so he can begin to collect royalty payments. Cheesy video game synth lines (think Atari game system) propel most of the song's melodies while a standard 4/4 drum beat keeps time. Konrad occasionally turns his programmed beats loose, creating a chaotic vortex of percussive cacophony, like on the album's namesake "Theme".  He talk sings in a low breathy voice that resembles what a death metal vocal track would sound like before effects are added. Fastest also contains some classical guitar intros and interludes, as on "The Wind, intimating an idiot-savant James Blackshaw. YouTube videos show Konrad lip-synching into the camera while displaying close-ups of his Fastest CD covers/track lists or exploring San Francisco attractions (Coit Tower, Financial District, the Employment Development Department, MUNI buses).
Below is his facebook info page. He's got his own thing going on:
"Paul Williams production company Interactive licensing for graphic and music together although they must be series of loops for a 15 cent mechanical on each loop per mp4 .How nice people are really matters it might pay 3 to 4 dollars per play if the mp4 is real and it has that many tracked loops from ASCAP right same page the price is $340 from ASCAP and that includes any ASCAP members stuff. Amazing low price that is if you get the license from them ASCAP being a member I can only get a discount for you if I am notified via facebbook . Otherwise it could cost a million dollars more. So don't contact them first because I got them to wait until my business is done. Since I am there best offer for music licensing and the production company involved Wait youtube and Wait myspace at these sites linkedin doesn't realize that it's only gonna be $340 compared to who knows how much it could be with no mp3 additions thousands later for linkedin.linkedin better off having ASCAP represent web construction for mp3 players tracked by ASCAP on linkdin that would generate millions of dollars of music support money.
Gothic hip hopical.This genre on my 8th album is hip hop though other hip hop artists sound a bit like rap since I may be the first new Rhythm/Rock genre to have that Nelly /Tim Mcgraw sound (What is it really) sound, hit song background TV/Films material mellow though Circus sounding at it's best new Hip hop. A new way to understand, What are genres? I use Yamaha too. My upcoming hip hop album Fastest Earth (a down to earth album)Yamaha introducing one of a kind solo effort. 95% hip hop Nevertheless 5% (how did I make this) that original sounding,because thus 1000% Gothic hip hop
YES I think it is HH tk"

Buy this record if the voices in your head convince you to stroll the streets with a video camera after you've trolled an official Chris Brown fan page and propositioned big-bosomed internet ladies to license your music.



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