Is this record worth a spin? Should I buy it? Will it add to or detract
from my credibility? Should I care?
I wish someone could break it down for me.

Monday, August 1, 2011

FRKWYS Vol. 5: Mirror Mirror

This is the second review I've done for the FRKWYS series. This volume was released in April of 2011 and features remixes of three songs from the Brooklyn-based duo Mirror Mirror, plus an original composition from Mirror Mirror and Stuart Argabright, of Ike's Yard, Comet Crew, and Dominatrix. Remixes are handled by British stalwarts Stuart Moxham of Young Marble Giants, Alig Fodder of Family Fodder, and Rico Conning of The Lines. The people responsible for the FRKWYS series, RVNG Intl., are big Mirror Mirror fans and wanted to bring more attention to the band while allowing some respected older British musicians to showcase their talents as well. Mirror Mirror's sound is an homage to 60's British psych pop and the British musicians enlisted to remix it do an outstanding job expounding on the originals' intentions, turning young artists musings into psychedelic masterpieces resplendent with meaty hooks, kaleidoscopic atmosphere, and varied nuance. It's a shame that the one new song here, "Nau Ser Ser Bil Uma Rah Rab", which stands amply on its own, didn't get the same remix treatment. However, with only four tracks this volume feels like a teaser and would benefit from a full player treatment, in case the good folks at RVNG Intl are listening.

Buy this record for the Ferris Wheel ride with a root beer float in hand.


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