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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ween- Caesar (Quebec Demos)

Ween's guitarist, Mickey Melchiondo aka Dean Ween, uploaded most of the demos, about 2 hours worth of music, from their 2003 record Quebec, posting them on facebook for about 10 minutes before taking the link down. Ween have a track record of providing unreleased music to their fans, Craters of the Sac being the prime example, and many demos from their other records are floating around the infernalnet. Some of these demo tracks are throwaways and some real gems, "Kim Smoltz", "Seconds", "Short Span Of Attention" representing the latter. The Caesar Demos is much more hit than miss. There's a vintage Prince homage, "Ambrosia Parsley", a highway drivin' pop ditty sung by Dean, "Linda (The Sexy Dancer)", a bluesy bar-burner "That Man (From The Flatlands)", "Love Come Down (9-11-01)", A Zeppelin-esque psych tune, wherein Gene Ween repeats the title's lyrics as a descending and rising accompaniment, that encapsulates a lot of Quebec's overall mood and aesthetic, "She Caught My Fancy", a sweet, straight-forward ballad with just Gener and acoustic guitar, plus all of the Quebec songs in demo form, sans "The Argus" and "Fucked Jam". This is a must have for any serious Ween fan but it should entertain casual listeners equally as well. Below are Mickey's "liner" notes:

ween-caesar (we were calling this record that until the last moment when we decided to change the title to "quebec")

well what can i say about this here, lemme see. the first thing that comes to mind is that all the while we were doing this we still had claude coleman on drums, he eventually got into a major car wreck and wasn't around when it finally came time to make the "real" record. instead the drum duties fell on me, josh freese, and sim cain for a couple of tunes. almost all of this was recorded at our beach house in holgate, nj onto 16 track tape. a tiny bit of it was recorded in the garage behind aaron's house in pt. pleasant, pa. some of it was recorded in the spare bedroom of my house in new hope. most of the tunes are just me and aaron, with the two of us playing everything, with me on drums. the songs with claude, dave, and glenn are pretty obvious. on just a few tunes we took what you hear here and cleaned them up and had andrew weiss mix them for the record after some overdubs. dave sings on "it's gonna be a long night", this was days before he had surgery to remove polyps in his throat and his voice was really rough so we figured he was the guy for the job. This isn't even all of the tunes that we ended up choosing from, just the ones i happened to burn to cd before we drove home from the beach every week. hope you dig it for what it is.


Buy this record if you like alternate movie endings and tri-colored pasta.

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