Is this record worth a spin? Should I buy it? Will it add to or detract
from my credibility? Should I care?
I wish someone could break it down for me.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The War On Drugs- Slave Ambient

Kurt Vile was an original member of this band and I'm having trouble noticing his absence. I mean, it sounds like he's still in the band. The vocal inflections on the opening track "Brothers" are exactly the same as Vile's, a "Jay Mascis meets Tom Petty at a Bob Dylan tribute show" vocal phrasing that feels like disaffected singing. Even the jangly guitar is the same. Then "I Was There" hits you and you start to think that maybe The War On Drugs are trying to pull one over on Vile by aping his sound. Don't get me wrong, it's a good sound, it's just that the similarities are eerie. Or maybe it's Vile that has been aping The War On Drugs this entire time? Finkel is Einhorn, Einhorn IS Finkel! I'm from Philly so I should go get to the bottom of this rock mystery.

Buy this record if you think the war on drugs has been a failure but they sure go well with music.


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