Is this record worth a spin? Should I buy it? Will it add to or detract
from my credibility? Should I care?
I wish someone could break it down for me.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Melvins- Sugar Daddy Live

With Melvins you get what you expect: sludgy, drudgy, and a little smudgy. These guys are an institution, but so is Bellevue. I really like King Buzzo's Bride of Frankenstein meets Sideshow Bob hair. I saw them at Great American Music Hall this past January and was underwhelmed, but man were they fucking loud!
ps Did anyone else see him in the crowd at last year's SF Giants World Series game at AT&T Park? Bonus points for being an MLB fan.

Buy this record if you're sick of that shit and it's really pissing you off.


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