Is this record worth a spin? Should I buy it? Will it add to or detract
from my credibility? Should I care?
I wish someone could break it down for me.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tyler The Creator- Goblin

Solo record from Odd Future hip-hop collective member. Lots of hype surrounding this group of rappers. Definitely has more of a suburban rap vibe than inner-city thing, but I may be wrong.
Tyler is 19 and it shows, lots of "faggot", "nigger", "pussy", "bitch" and "fuckin' ___" lyrics that are supposed to be shocking. For a 19 year old this probably is. When he gets this out of his system and grows up he may make some good music. I suppose this can be considered witch-house rap?

Buy this record for a haunted hay ride in East St. Louis.


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