Is this record worth a spin? Should I buy it? Will it add to or detract
from my credibility? Should I care?
I wish someone could break it down for me.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oingo Boingo- Forbidden Zone Soundtrack

In 1980 Richard Elfman asked his brother Danny Elfman, frontman for Oingo Boingo and later, prolific composer (just check out his TV and film credits on IMDB), to write a soundtrack for his film Forbidden Zone. The catch was that the soundtrack needed to be written, arranged, and recorded in just two weeks! Which Danny managed to do. It's quite impressive actually. It wasn't until listening to this soundtrack that I realized what an impact Elfman has had on Mike Patton's ( of Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, Mondo Cane) music career.
Lots of styles are covered here, creating a musical circus of sounds and rhythms. Oh, and the movie also starred Herve Villechaize, Tattoo from TV's Fantasy Island, for whatever that's worth.

Buy this record to temporarily silence the voices in your head.


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